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Sarvagya Singh

Beauty of Traveling Solo

Traveling solo has always been a dream for me. I see it as a medium to unravel my numerous curiosities on how the world thrives. The interest towards travelling was established during my childhood itself, thanks to my dad’s love & dedication towards his family. He ensured frequent family vacations, at least four per year. He encouraged me to be independent and start traveling alone without assistance from a very young age. It was this encouragement that I planned vacations and related chores like ticket bookings, planning itineraries and while I was just in high school.

My first solo trip was within my home state when I was fifteen. I still reminisce the time I had to plan and book my Kargil, Ladakh trip. From humble beginnings come great things, and it is the little moments that have made travel so impactful for me. I have come a long was since those early trips and have travelled to countries far and beyond India and Asia. Recently, I took solo trips around South East Asia. I swam with the whale sharks in Oslob, scuba dived in Coron, and took polar bear plunges into the turquoise blue waters of Kawasan Falls, Cebu. I will share my experiences of these serene locations in my coming blog posts.

Traveling solo has been both enriching and exciting. I met more people when I am traveling by myself than when I am traveling with friends or family. Solo travel enables me to break out of my comfort zone. I get to do what I like, when I like in the way I prefer.

Though different people will have different take ways from solo travel, some of the benefits of solo travel according to me are as follows:

1. Gaining confidence
2. Freedom to do what you want to do and when you want to do it
3. Flexibility and Spontaneity
4. Independence
5. Meeting interesting people from different cultures
6. Not having to compromise about how you spend your time
7. Ability to go at your own speed

I strongly suggest experiencing the joys and freedom of traveling solo at least once. Start with your country, or even state, to acquire confidence for farther trips.

At the end of the day the advice given by every single solo traveler I talked to was “Just go for it”. Buy your tickets and trust the world around you. It is only as scary as you make it to be.

Sarvagya Singh

Aesthetics, creativity, art fascinate me, I like to explore and experience them whenever possible. Besides this I am a travel enthusiast and always game for exotic beaches.