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Sarvagya Singh

Blissful Alila

“Life [exists] only because of a myriad of synchronicities that bring us to this particular place at this particular moment. In return for such a gift, the only sane response is to glitter in reply.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer (Gathering Moss)

Hey! Before you start reading, I’d want you to promise yourself that one good day - you WILL wake up in Bali! And, why not? Bali has more than one reason to! It is hard to visit Bali and NOT leave a fragment of you behind! Hug the morning sun stretching out over the ocean’s horizon and treat your eyes with the sumptuous green of Tegalalang rice terraces; you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice in Bali!

Sharing is caring they say! And what’s an idyllic experience if not shared? I must’ve spent millions of hours on this earth (since birth, of course!) – But a special 72 hours at the Alila, Ubud was all it took for me to rekindle my fondness with an old flame – Mother Nature!

Ubud, which literally means medicine, certainly does act as one! It hosts Bali’s most sought after landscapes along with a lush bed of rice paddies! And sitting high up on the edge amongst one such rice field, gazing down at Ayung River Valley is the Alila, Ubud!

If you ever want to know how it’s like to step into your own dreams, head to the Alila! Staring into the infinity is their swimming pool, which has and still is grabbing a lot of eyeballs – righteously! The emerald H2O balcony is a mirror placed under the blue sky - the one that takes you to places, by keeping you fixated at a spot!

Sarvagya Singh

Aesthetics, creativity, art fascinate me, I like to explore and experience them whenever possible. Besides this I am a travel enthusiast and always game for exotic beaches.