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Sarvagya Singh

Luxury in Serenity at Casa Kalaw

During every trip I plan, I am looking for comfort, nature and beauty wherever I stay. Though every time I don’t get things how I want, this time I got lucky with Casa Kalaw, a beautiful boutique resort in Lio Tourism Estate, El Nido.

The latest addition to El Nido Resorts’ remarkable plethora of luxury resorts, Casa Kalaw forms part of the Lio Tourism Estate on the island of Palawan. It is designed for your comfort and delight, with various activities available, as you relax, enjoy, and indulge on the best island in the world.

Casa Kalaw is magnificently positioned in between the sea and the mountains. Being contained in the pure landscapes of the eco-tourism property offers it a pleasant, close-to-nature ambience. The resort has the potential to be the finest in El Nido when it comes to comfort, location and value for money.

A quaint 42 rooms, Filipino inspired bed and breakfast, each room is equipped with all amenities to ensure an enchanting experience for each traveller and family. Accommodation is comfortable and airy, with modern wooden furnishing and floors, and a well-equipped bathroom. The resort is perhaps a little more grounded, benefitting from a greater choice of leisure pursuits, attractions and amenities than you are likely to find on any single private island. First-class water sports are plentiful, and you’re only ever an island-hopping trip away from a wonderland of picturesque islands, limestone karst cliffs and spectacular lagoons.

A brief stroll from the lodge will take you to the beachfront of El Nido, which is dwelling to multicuisine bistros and a spa home. If you are the adventurous kind, you can lease a kayak on the peaceful waters of the lagoon within the property or you can rent a bike and experience El Nido like a local. For Island hopping, be certain to contact the main desk at Casa Kalaw, they have it all. You may finish your day by the sundown or one can go star gazing on the Lio Beach. The restaurant and bar offer a laid-back atmosphere and excellent international cuisine with Philippine specialties and fresh local ingredients that are very high on the menu.

Casa Kalaw is basically different shades of beauty at one place. The view of Casa Kalaw is still as fresh in my mind as a new painting.

It's true. All of it. The Stunning Islands. The Beautiful Beaches. The Party Vibe. It's all true. El Nido should be on your bucket list of places to visit in case you haven't yet. If one has to experience serenity in luxury with the sea in your neighborhood you must visit the magnificence of Casa Kalaw, what else can one ask for in El Nido, Palawan, and in one of my favorite countries, the Philippines!

Sarvagya Singh

Aesthetics, creativity, art fascinate me, I like to explore and experience them whenever possible. Besides this I am a travel enthusiast and always game for exotic beaches.