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Sarvagya Singh

Why Personal Branding is not just for the self-employed anymore

When it comes to any form of branding, most people only tend to associate the term ‘personal branding’ with people who are self-employed. It has become more crucial than ever to ensure that everyone, including salaried employees, builds their own personal brand, as there are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed by doing so.

Grow Your Immediate Network
Many people think that growing the network of people you know is only essential for business owners and people who are self-employed. However, this is no longer the case. Growing the network of people around you will enable numerous additional opportunities to be made available to you. Building a positive image of yourself by means of personal branding will not only attract like-minded people to your network; it will also enable you to help those in your network and receive help in return whenever it is needed. 

Establish Credibility With Those Around You
Personal branding is all about gaining credibility and trust not only with people in your existing network, but also with people who you would like to include in your immediate network. This can be achieved by keeping your word when offering to help those around you or even going the extra mile to ensure that your clients are completely satisfied if you are a business owner. Establishing credibility will enable your network to grow at a substantial rate.

Attract Opportunities That Are Relevant To Your Situation
Becoming actively involved with personal branding will enable you to be presented with a variety of job offers or business opportunities. These opportunities could include entering into a joint business venture with someone in your network or even being fortunate enough to receive funding for your own venture from a member of your extended network. Developing your own personal brand will indicate your measure of success to those around you.

A Point To Remember When Building Your Brand
The most important thing to remember when building your personal brand is to always be yourself. Be true and realistic when it comes to determining your likes and dislikes, as this will have a direct effect on the network that you are trying so hard to build. Although there may be people around you that you admire because of the success they have achieved for themselves, trying to follow step by step in their paths will not enable you to copy their blueprint for personal success. There is no point in doing something for the rest of your life if you are not passionate about it. Many people have realized that personal branding can in fact be a lifeline when used appropriately. For example, you may have recently been laid off, but upon mentioning this fact to people in your network, you may have been offered a job elsewhere by one of them. By building your personal brand and ensuring that it always remains reputable, there is no limit to what you can achieve with regards to your personal and your professional life.

Sarvagya Singh

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